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In an address to the Diocesan Synod, the Bishop of Coventry spoke about his experience of the events surrounding the terrorist attack at Westminster. He also updated Synod about some important issues and events, and announced that Archdeacon John will be retiring at the end of August. ...Click the photo for more.

Across the developing world, 3.2 million pastors are untrained or undertrained. In Africa, it is estimated that 90% of church leaders may never have received even one day of formal training. That is where African Pastors Fellowship steps in. ...Click the photo for more.

The headquarters of WEC UK (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) have moved to Coventry. ...Click the photo for more.

Over the years there have been countless different expressions of united prayer in Coventry, for Coventry. In the last four years, one of the main expressions of such prayer has been 'City Praise and Prayer.' ...Click the photo for more.

On 1st March 2017, Ash Wednesday, the Bishop of Coventry dedicated ‘The Coventry-Dresden Cope’, a new vestment to be worn for commemorative occasions by those involved in the work of reconciliation and the Community of the Cross of Nails in Coventry and in Dresden. ...Click the photo for more.

Last October it was announced that Coventry church, St Mark’s, Swanswell, will open up its doors to worshippers again in autumn 2017 - 45 years after it closed in 1972. The Revd Dr Phillip Atkinson has been appointed to lead this exciting new initiative and has started to gather people who are interested in forming the new community at St Mark’s. ...Click the photo for more.

Matt Robinson, Cultural Links Worker at Fresh Start, writes about an international food night at St Chad's, Wood End. ...Click the photo for more.

The Church of England is to undergo a major "culture shift" to mobilise lay members to spread the gospel in their everyday lives. General Synod has given its support to the report, "Setting God's People Free", which calls for Christians to be equipped to live out their faith in every sphere - from the factory or office, to the gym or shop - to help increase numbers of Christians and their influence in all areas of life. ...Click the photo for more.

In the article below, Barbara Spicer writes about what The Order of Jacob's Well is and the ministry of The Order of Jacob's Well in Cubbington. ...Click the photo for more.

The General Synod of the Church of England has voted "not to take note" of a Report by the House of Bishops following a debate on the report earlier today on Marriage and Same Sex Relationships. ...Click the photo for more.