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Bishop's outrage at New Zealand shootings

Bishop Christopher has written to express his "sense of deep outrage at the appalling desecration of human life inflicted on innocent Muslim people as they gathered to pray at their Mosques in New Zealand".

In a letter to Dr Abdullah Shehu, Chair of the Coventry Muslim Forum, Bishop Christopher said:

“The scale of the tragedy is appalling and the hatred behind and during its perpetration is truly shocking.  It was a dreadful act of terror that will send shockwaves of fear across every Muslim community, including those of Coventry and Warwickshire.

With other religious leaders across the world and in our city and wider region, I stand with you in your condemnation of such violation of humanity, grief in the loss of your brothers and sisters, and in prayer for those who suffered injury to their bodies, minds and spirits, and those who suffered the loss of their dear ones.

We join with the good people of Christchurch who will, I am sure, will do everything they can to restore the name of their good city. Christians in particular will want to ensure that city, with all its special religious resonances, is never defiled in such a way again.

Tomorrow, there will be the termly meeting of the Synod of the Diocese of Coventry representing our 206 parishes across Coventry and Warwickshire. We will begin our meeting with silence to remember the victims, pray for all those affected by the tragedy, calling on the mercy of God to heal our damaged world.

We stand ready to support you in other more practical ways.

With my condolences to the whole Muslim community whom we count as our dear Friends in Faith.

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