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Responding to the crisis in Northern Iraq
The Arabic letter 'N' which has been daubed on the homes of Christians in Iraq

To help the Church respond collectively and with purpose to the crisis in Northern Iraq, a dedicated Iraq Crisis resource page has been set up on the Church of England’s website. The page includes prayers, details of how people can contribute to a variety of Church based emergency appeals and an advocacy action to help keep this crisis squarely before the eyes of the international community.

The Church of England is joining calls to encourage its members to pray, act and give to those suffering in Iraq.  The Archbishop of Canterbury issued a statement on the situation in Iraq saying,

"It is extremely important that aid efforts are supported and that those who have been displaced are able to find safety. I believe that, like France, the United Kingdom's doors should be open to refugees, as they have been throughout history."

Individuals and Churches are being encouraged to display a poster in homes, churches and noticeboards to demonstrate their support for all religious minorities fleeing persecution.

The poster uses the Arabic letter, 'N', which has been daubed on the homes of Christians (often called 'Nasrani' in Arabic) in Mosul to identify them as targets for persecution or execution. This symbol has been picked up around the world as a way in which we can identify with those from all religious and ethnic communities who are being targeted by ISIS.

The Bishop of Warwick, The Rt Rev'd John Stroyan, said,

"You will be deeply conscious of the horrific violence being perpetrated in Northern Iraq and of the plight of Christians, Yazidis and indeed Shia Muslims there.  Please remember also in your prayers Canon Andrew White and Fr. Faiz Jerjees and the congregation they serve at St George’s, Baghdad.  In the face of such multiple crises it is easy to feel helpless and useless but there are things we can do."

The Church of England Iraq Crisis resource page can be found here.