Quinquennial Inspections

All churches are statutorily required to be inspected at five yearly intervals, which is known as the Quinquennial Inspection. This should be undertaken by an architect or surveyor who is included on the approved list for undertaking Quinquennial Inspections in Coventry Diocese.

Appointing an Architect or Surveyor

Every church should have a church architect. If the PCC wishes to appoint a new church architect then they should ensure that he/she is included on the approved List. Under the Inspection of Churches Measure 1955, only those Architects and Surveyors approved by the DAC can undertake the Quinquennial Inspection of a church.

If the PCC wishes to appoint someone who is not on the list, then that architect/surveyor will need to apply to the Diocese to join the list. The application form can be found in the 'documents' section of this website in Word and pdf format, alongside the approval policy. Please note that appointment to the list is personal (not corporate), and consequently the Quinquennial inspection cannot be delegated to another architect within the practice.