Register of cases

The file in the 'documents' section of this page show the cases that the DAC has considered for each church within the Diocese of Coventry.

This is a large document and you may find it easier to search it if you are looking for a particular church or case.

If you need to search the document then:

1. Open up the document in Adobe Reader
2. Click once on the 'Edit' tab along the top of the screen
3. On the drop-down menu click 'Find' (there should be an icon of a magnifying glass next to it)
4. Type in the church/case number/works desired
The document will then highlight the relevant section required.

If you have trouble finding a particular case or need any other help with the document please do get in touch with Claire (02476 521312) or Will (02476 521327) in the DAC Office who will happily help.