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The Venerable Morris Rodham is Archdeacon Missioner. He can be contacted on or 024 7652 1337.


Rural Consultations

We have had some feedback that the document summarising the initial responses is too long for some people to read and digest.  We suggest that if you do not wish to read the whole document, that you just read the headings, and observe the size of the paragraphs underneath.  The larger the paragraph indicates the more responses that relate to that particular heading.  Reading the whole document will give a bigger flavour of what is contained within it, but you will still be able to participate if you read just the headings.  Indeed, we welcome anyone in rural areas to attend, even if you have not read the document at all!

The results of the Rural Consultations completed last year are now available in the documents section of this page. Please note that this conveys the range of suggestions which came out of the consultations, and is a discussion document for churches, benefices, deaneries and the wider Diocese to now consider. It may be that some suggestions resonate and can be applied immediately. Others will need more discussion.

We hope to have a further round of consultations next year to feed back on the progress of discussions at all levels, but if you wish to share any thoughts before then please email me at