What do we do and why?

There is a vast network of churches across Coventry and Warwickshire who are working to support their local communities and tackle issues of systemic poverty. The interactive Community Projects map indicates where the churches are in the region, and how they are seeking to transform their communities.

In working together with the private, public and third sector and developing a strategic approach to tackling deprivation, we believe we can co-ordinate our approach and transform communities together.

Why do we want to transform our communities?

Coventry has a population of 329,810 (2013) and is the 10th largest City in Britain, and has large pockets of deprivation, where 16,960 children live in relative poverty.

Warwickshire, which covers 5 districts, (North Warwickshire, Rugby, Warwick, Nuneaton & Bedworth and Stratford Upon Avon) has a population of 551,363, with the largest areas of deprivation falling in Nuneaton & Bedworth. This area alone has a total of 9 super output areas in the top 10% of deprivation in the country.

With these stark statistics, the Church of England's goal is to positively 'Transform Communities' and resource churches, along with other agencies to do just that.

How are we transforming our communities?

Together For Change seeks to enable churches to reach their communities by providing advice, training, funding and support by considering a co-ordinated and strategic approach to the diocesan mission statement of ‘transforming communities’.

The Parish Statistics map highlights where all of the churches in each particular parish are located, and also gives a breakdown of the needs of that particular area according to the 2011 census. Information such as housing demographics, poverty and ethnic groups can be found under ‘parish spotlight’ information.

Using this information, churches can understand the needs of their communities and consider how they might be able to meet those specific needs.

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