The training (20s to 30s)

Everyone involved in the 20s-30s Leadership Scheme is encouraged to join a Learning Community. These groups meet once a month and provide training and support for participants. The Learning Communities also provide space to share and discuss ideas about potential Leadership Projects. The Learning Communities currently meet on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Residential Weekends

Since 2012 members of the scheme have attended three residential weekends. During the first weekend, everyone discovered more about their personal gifts and passions, and how these can be used more effectively in their churches. The theme for the second weekend was Discipleship. Over the weekend discussions took place about what discipleship is and how it can be modelled. The third weekend saw a more in depth look at leadership; learning from leadership experiences of those within the group and also different leaders in the Bible. During this weekend participants also took part in team-building outdoor challenges, including an assault course and problem solving activities.

Away Days

Away Days happen twice a year in March and October and are a valuable time for all members of the scheme to come together. The theme for the most recent Away Day was Passionate Spirituality. During the day there was time for personal reflection, Bible study and prophetic prayer ministry. Previously, vicars of the churches participating in the scheme have been invited to attend the day too.