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24th April 2017

Are you interested in blog entries from the Acceler8 team sharing their experiences of mission and ministry to 20s and 30s? They can be read at Further entries are forthcoming.

30th January 2017

We have launched our official website at

This site includes info, news, blogs, photos, interactive content and much more will be added over the coming months.

You can also like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at

Feel free to share with any friends who might be interested.

21st November 2016

Acceler8's Jenny Irvine recently attended a learning community in Melbourne, Australia working with Anglican, Baptists and Pentecostal teams to reflect on what is, dream what could be and plan what will be.

Jenny said "It was great to explore themes of discipleship and mission both with church leaders and emerging young leaders - and to see the insights gained turned into faith filled plans"

"There was a real sense of being together on a learning journey of what it means to be the missionary people of God".


11th October 2016

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Gary Matthews as 20s and 30s Development Leader at St. Mary's Church, Leamington Spa. Gary has replaced Mark Seabourne who has chosen to move onto St. Nicolas Church, Nuneaton. You can read more about Gary on the Team profile page.

27th September 2016

Have you visited the Acceler8 social media pages yet? We have a Facebook page which can be found at and a Twitter page at As we approach the second year of this project, these sites will continue to develop with content showing what is happening around the Diocese involving 20s and 30s. You can Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter for the best way to keep up to date with the latest posts.

21st June 2016

We have recently produced a video on the 20s/30s Leadership Scheme. The scheme started in 2012 and exists to train, support and encourage young adult leaders in UPA churches across the Diocese. Everyone on the scheme is invited to join a Learning Community and initiate a Leadership Project at their church. The video also shows how the Leadership Scheme has broadened into the Acceler8 project and two 20s-30s Development Leaders comment on what led them to the role. This video can be viewed at

10th May 2016

In September 2016, a community house will be launched in Charlecote, a small village 5 miles from Warwick. This will be a Christian community ideal for those who wish to live in a regular pattern of prayer, worship and bible study. It will be especially suitable for those interested in reimagining rural mission and ministry amongst 20s and 30s.

Are you interested in joining this community? Please see the following advert for further details. For more information or to apply, please contact 20s and 30s Development Leader Rachel Saum - or 07398 186354.

14th March 2016

The Acceler8 team continues to grow with the appointment of four new Development Leaders. Reverend Ali Hogger has added a specific 20s and 30s emphasis to her role as Curate of St Margaret's Church, Coventry. Reverend Gareth Irvine will be joining us from Westwood Church, Coventry and will be initially focused on student work and developing a gap year programme for young adults. The Assistant Curate of St. James' Church, Southam, Reverend Vikki Bisiker has also recently joined us and co-leads the Southam Deanery Mission Team. Another new Leader, Rachel Saum, is based in the Mid Fosse Parishes and will form a residential 'new monastic' community of 20s and 30s in the neighbouring Barford Benefice.

Please visit the Team page for further information on these new Development Leaders.

9th February 2016

20s and 30s Strategy Team Leader, Kim Morgan-Jones, appeared on the Justine Green radio show on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire on 31st January to discuss the Acceler8 project. The show, airing each Sunday from 7-9am, explores ethical debates and issues pertinent to local faith communities.

Kim said "It was a pleasure to be invited onto the show and talk about the Acceler8 project to a wide audience".

Kim was invited back to contribute to their Thought For The Day feature sometime in the near future.

4th January 2016

On Tuesday 1st December, members of the 20s to 30s Leadership Scheme came together with some of the Acceler8 team to compete in a fun but surprisingly gruelling Go Karting evening. They were joined by Archdeacon Missioner, The Venerable Morris Rodham. A good time was had by all.

12th November 2015

The Diocese of Coventry are pleased to announce the appointment of four 20s-30s Development Leaders to support the Acceler8 project. These are Jonny Dant who is based at St. James’, Styvechale, Mark Seabourne at St. Mary’s, Leamington, Ian Sweeney at St. Anne and All Saints and Beks Rothnie, whose existing role at Urban Hope, Coventry has been expanded.

The Acceler8 team, led by Kim Morgan-Jones, are tasked to bring people within the 20s and 30s age group to Christian faith and discipleship. They will work alongside their vicars, staff teams, PCCs and congregations to help to fulfil the Diocese’s Mission Purpose of Worshipping God, Making New Disciples and Transforming Communities within a younger generation context.

Considering the breadth of this age range and diversity within their respective parishes, each Development Leader is given freedom to take whichever missional approaches are appropriate to their specific context and God’s direction. Ultimately, they have been chosen to best fulfil the Diocesan Mission Purpose of Worshipping God, Making New Disciples, and Transforming Communities, via the 8 Essential Qualities of healthy churches, with specific application and relevance for 20s and 30s. 

Development Leaders will progressively share their learning and insights with other churches and deaneries in the Diocese who wish to become more effective in ministry and mission to this age profile. 

Kim said “The appointment of the new Acceler8 Development Leaders is an exciting progression in the diocese-wide 20s-30s focus. Each member of the team brings different skills and gifts which will be used in mission and ministry to 20s-30s in their placement church, as well as wider in their deanery and across the diocese.”