Organic Quality Management (OQM®) is a fast and reliable way of monitoring the quality development of Christian non-profit organizations and church ministry teams / leadership teams.   OQM uses a survey which is quite different from ordinary surveys. It is a solution-oriented organizational development process. Although OQM is from a Natural Church Development background it is not the same as NCD. It has been specifically designed for Christian non-profit organizations as well as for churches. While NCD surveys cover an entire church congregation, OQM focuses on ministry teams and/or leadership teams when used in a local church. 

We are exploring the use of OQM across the diverse organisational aspects of the Diocese from the Diocesan Offices to the DBE.

OQM claims to offer organizations several unique benefits:

1. OQM is specially designed for Christian organizations. 
The OQM Survey is unlike any other diagnostic management tool. What makes the OQM Survey really unique is its holistic assessment of an organization according to the three dimensions: structural (“organization“), human (“organism“) and spiritual (“spirit“). A comprehensive assessment is made of all relevant areas: leadership, co-workers, personal spirituality, structures, values, company culture, life-style, team-work and relationships. The process involves compiling and interlinking information on “external factors” such as a team’s professionalism and people’s inner convictions (e.g. faith).

2. OQM is time-effective 
The development of a custom-designed diagnostic tool can take months. The OQM Survey is ready-to-use yet it is perfectly tailored to suit the needs of Christian non-profit organizations. Conducting an OQM Survey will only take you a few hours of work. After this you will know exactly where you stand and can make an immediate start with the development process. 

3. OQM is cost-effective 
Unlike other professional surveys, the OQM Survey is very affordable. Finances are often a hot topic for Christian organizations dependent on donations. OQM is a professional tool at low cost without lowering scientific standards. 

4. OQM is scientific and reliable 
This reliable, valid diagnostic tool was developed with the aid of a research project conducted at the University of Heidelberg / Germany. OQM International was able to demonstrate a positive, significant correlation between OQM quality characteristics and workers’ commitment, performance, personal stress management and their desire to remain with an organization. In other words: Quality – as we define it – matters! 

5. OQM is solution-focused
In its endeavour to identify the minimum factor as a starting point for an organization’s future development, OQM focuses not on the problem but on the solution. The survey is followed up by the OQM Cycle, which is designed to release the potential that is already in an organization and its co-workers, and to produce lasting fruit. 

6. OQM helps to measure and monitor quality  
Quality is measurable! The OQM Survey provides a benchmark to measure the quality of an organization and evaluate the progress made over an OQM Cycle. It is a tool which can be used for ongoing quality monitoring.

The OQM Survey results come on a single page in the form of a bar chart providing instant information on the strengths and weaknesses of an organization in eight key areas. This is accompanied by a detailed 90-page report with percentage scores for each question in the survey.

OQM can be summed up as holistic management on the foundation of spiritual values, where life and people are centre-stage and account is taken of the whole "system" with all its interconnections.

Further details are available by contacting the Healthy Churches Development Mentor.