For Mentors and Facilitators

This page contains a number of important documents for use by mentors, incumbents and parishes in conducting surveys and developing their action points.  Each document is described on the left and can be downloaded via the links on the right.

Survey Forms for Printing

Important Printing Instructions: 

  • Please print single-sided to aid data entry 
  • Do Not reduce to A5
  • Ensure that each set of four pages is securely stapled together in the top left hand corner and in the right order!

Coventry 8EQs Participant's Survey Form (sometimes referred to as the "green" form)

Coventry Incumbent/Facilitator's Form

Mentoring Cycle Documents

Key Stages in the NCD Mentoring Cycle - an overview of the NCD Mentoring Cycle 

Guidance for Mentors Prior to First Visit to Church organising group - reminder of key points

Pre-Survey Planning Meeting - Briefing Sheet - Outline of how to prepare for a survey

Survey Day - Briefing Sheet - What to do on the day of the survey

Feedback Meetings - Briefing Sheet - How to conduct survey feedback meetings

SMART Action Points - Briefing Sheet - Guidance of helping parishes create effective Action Points

Action Form - to be used when action points have been agreed by the PCC


Sample Survey Invitation Letter/Email - suggestions for content when inviting survey participants