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Pray as an individual, family, small group or church

There is no single style or method for 'Thy Kingdom Come.' You, your group, parish or deanery will know how you can pray together in the lead up to Pentecost. It's up to you how to be involved.

You could pray each day with your usual small group, with those at home or with friends, or on your own. You could hold 24/7 prayer, or create prayer stations. You could organise a prayer walk, to pray for God's kingdom in your local area. You could hold something for families during half-term week. You could simply commit to keeping your church building open for silent prayer, prayer ministry, a liturgy of daily prayer or other acts of worship.

There are loads of brilliant, simple and creative resources and ideas provided on the 'Thy Kingdom Come' website (www.thykingdomcome.co.uk), for churches, individuals, groups and families...make the most of the and be involved!

When you sign up to #Pledge2Pray on the website you will receive updates and resources.

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