What is available?

BORCAS (Bishop's Officers for Retired Clergy and Spouses) organise events and support for retired clergy in the diocese. When a retired person comes into the diocese a member of BORCAS gets in touch by phone or pays them a visit to get to know them and explain what BORCAS does. 

BORCAS organises:

  • an annual birthday letter for retired clergy and their spouses;
  • an Easter and Christmas card with a pastoral letter enclosed;
  • occasional fellowship gatherings either by archdeaconry or diocese.

BORCAS officers are also available for a chat, whether on technical matters or pastoral and they have a list of charities that provide funds for retired clergy in need.

There are BORCAS officers in both archdeaconries in the diocese, David and Dorothy Evans in the south and Elizabeth Kerr in the north.

Retired clergy with PTO are invited by Bishop Christopher to clergy study days twice a year.

Who is eligible?

All retired clergy in the diocese.

How do I access it?

When a retired member of the clergy comes into the diocese the Pensions Board informs BORCAS and the Diocesan Office. A BORCAS letter will go to the person with a welcome and brief explanation of the procedure of applying for PTO if desired.