The scheme (20s to 30s)

In 2012 Coventry Diocese received funding from the Church Commissioners to run a Leadership Training Scheme for young adults attending churches in Urban Priority Areas (UPAs). The scheme exists to support and train anyone in the 20s and 30s age range who leads groups and activities at their church, or has leadership potential. Volunteers on the scheme take part in monthly Learning Communities and also have the opportunity to apply for up to £2000 of funding to run a Leadership Project, which will assist their church in growth and encourage their personal leadership development.

Training is an important element of the scheme. Participants have attended three residential weekends, each of which covered the topics of discipleship, leadership and church growth. We also have two Away Days each year which provide an opportunity for everyone on the scheme to come together and learn from each other.

There are currently 25 people on the scheme from 12 churches. All churches with participants on the scheme are applying the 8 Essential Qualities in all aspects of their church life.

For more information about different aspects of the scheme, please look through the following pages.