Diocesan Centenary 2018
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In 2018 the Diocese of Coventry celebrates 100 years in its current form. In the seventh century the Diocese of Mercia was divided so that the southern part became the Diocese of Worcester and the ‘Arden’ part became the Diocese of Coventry and Lichfield. In 1905 the Diocese of Birmingham became a separate entity followed in 1918 with the creation of the Diocese of Coventry.

The centenary provides the people of the diocese with an opportunity to celebrate and strengthen their shared identity focusing on three characteristics:



                                              Generous Relationships

These are the three areas that the diocese would like to see grow and develop both in the lead up to the Centenary and carried forward into the future.

As Bishop Christopher explained at the Annual Headteacher Conference in November 2016, he is keen for Church of England schools and academies to be actively involved in the centenary programme. The programme includes:

Headteacher Retreats

Please see the link to the booklet on the righthand side of the screen for details about the retreats and how to book.

Pilgrimage of the DBE Cross of Nails

A pilgrimage of the DBE Cross of Nails will take place as it did in 2011 when we celebrated the bi-centenary of Church of England schools.  The pilgrimage starts in January 2018 and end on Wednesday 28th November 2018 with a service at the Cathedral. Each school has been invited to attend this service with up to 5 staff (to include, if possible, Headteacher, Chair of Governors, clergy associated with the school) and 10 pupils. Please book this date in your school calendar and confirm your attendance to CoventryDBE@covcofe.org

Please see the link on the righthand side of the screen for final details of the pilgrimage route and cathedral service.