Kaduna Diocese

Since the start of the link the following projects have been undertaken:

  • Water Wells
  • Exchanges - in order to build up the link a number of exchanges have occured over the years as follows:
    • 2003 - Rev Peter Watkins and Rev Charlotte Gale Two week fact finding visit to both the Kaduna and Zaria areas
    • 2004 - Ven Abiodun Ogumyemi 5 months Apart from preaching at many churches throughout the Coventry diocese, promotion of the Jacaranda project and the need for water holes and bore-holes featured highly on Abiodun's visit.
    • 2004 - Keith Parr, Christine Cooke and students from Bluecoats School - Primary purpose was to allow the students from Blue Coats school to experience life in Africa and in particular the project at Jacaranda. 
    • 2005 -Ann and Jim Saxton - 3 months - Both there to teach in St. Michael's Anglican Diocesan College, Ann teaching art and also visiting primary schools to help teachers in both St. Michael's and St. John's schools. Jim after installing and networking some 20+ PC in the computer Laboratory taught generatorcomputing to both students and adults throughout the three months. Jim also wrote software to assist the examination recording at the Theological College at Wassasa and also designed a website for the school , can be viewed at: www.stmichaels-college.com 
      Additionally, the review on how St. Martin's Finham mission money's could be be put to best use. This resulted in providing art materials, computer equipment and the purchase and installation of generator for the college.
    • 2006 April  - Bishop Colin and Revd John Burrell - To continue to help and encourage the link.
    • 2006 Sept. - Ann and Jim Saxton together with Christine Cooke - Ann to review the state in Primary Schools and follow-up of books. Jim to build and train staff in maintenance of a website for the Kaduna Diocese. Christine - to review the state of the clinic at Yelwa-Danwata and follow up Mother's Union contacts.
    • 2006 Nov. - Archbishop Josiah Fearon - To attend the Diocesan Synod together Amal the headmistress of Mar Ephrem Christian School Bethlehem. They were both there to promote the Companionship Links project, which was very successful.
    • 2009 Jan/Feb - Ann and Jim Saxton - this successful visit achieved the following:

      Training of 12 priests in how to use internet.
      Training of 3 priests in how to maintain the diocesan website
      Training of Bishop Josiah in how to maintain the "Bishop's word" part of the Diocesan website.
      Training of 4 teachers in the maintenance of the new St. Michael's College website.
      Review of water wells including two meeting with Well Committee and conclusion of future costs of wells and way forward.
      Visit and review of many Primary Schools.
      Workshop for Primary School teachers on Language Learning in early years, well attended and very productive.
      Discussion and agreement with Bishop Josiah on which teachers should visit Coventry in September 2009.
      Review with Health Committee, which aided thinking on support to health in Kaduna.
      Meeting with newly formed Companionship Links Committee, to exchange ideas and agree a way forward.

    • 2009 Sep/Oct - Mrs Agnes Awogbami (Head Teacher from St. Michael's Primary School) and Mrs. Rahila Malam
      (Teacher from Our Saviours Primary School) - To provide opportunity to observe/work in primary schools Brailes; shipston; Kineton and Coventry. Also to be trained in computers and internet. 

    • 2013 - + Christopher and Rev. Peter Allan. - Help build the link between coventry and Kaduna diocese, please start to process to link parishes, between coventry and Kaduna.

    • 2014 Sep/Nov - Rev. Mishael Andy - Visit to build links with Coventry South, Nuneaton and Fosse Deanery's.

  • Education - Ann Saxton successfully ran the first workshop for teachers from 9 primary schools, who had never met each other before. Agreed with Bishop and his representative for two teachers to visit Coventry diocese to experience first hand teaching practices. This was then past down into the original 9 schools by a series of Workshops. 

    • Children's books - over a number of years some 12,000 books where shipped to Kaduna and distributed between schools. Also many consignments where unfortunately lost in docks etc. so project has now ceased.

  • Jacaranda Farm -   a substantial amount of funding was made to this farm to help establish it and Josiah's dream to train both Christian and Muslim youth together in farm skills. 

  • Medical Clinic - Funding has been made to help establish a clinic at Kateri  

  • Church Links - The only partially successful church link has been between St Peter's Kineton and St Christopher's Kaduna - This has involved prayer requests - and recently a link between Thrive group in Kineton and their equivalent Bloomers in Kaduna - mainly by exchanging video's. 

  • Summary - All of these projects have over time help to link Coventry diocese with Kaduna diocese. Unfortunately the only one which is still active is the Water Wells and a big thank you goes to all those churches and individuals who have donated over the years. 

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