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Proof Bakery

We have granted Proof Bakery at St Catherine's Stoke Aldermoor £2,500 for the work they do. They are a not-for-profit social enterprise that trains and employs refugees through artisan baking. The project runs on the support of churches in Coventry, whose buildings act as tasting and collection points for bread deliveries. They aim to serve the community with really good bread and create fulfilling jobs for refugees. They're very passionate about building a business that provides a sense of dignity, purpose and belonging for its bakers. You can visit their website here.

Warwick Job Club

Warwick Job Club is there to provide IT training, support, mentoring and ongoing employment support. Unemployment plays a huge part in UK poverty with 1.38 million people out of work. As rejection letters pile up, many people are left feeling hopeless. The club is there not only to train practically but to bring back hope to those who feel like all hope may be lost.