BCDM Module Pool


Listed below are the modules available in our open access 'Module Pool', which you can dip in and out of at your own pace to develop your learning and gifts in different areas. These modules are divided into two groups:


Explore Modules (brown)
These modules have a broad focus for anyone who wants to grow in their faith and understanding in a range of areas related to the Bible, the world and faith in everyday life.

Develop Modules (green)
These modules are core subjects which give participants the grounding they need to explore many different aspects of their faith through the framework of The Mission of God.


To find out which modules are being run at the moment and to register, please go to http://www.dioceseofcoventry.org/BCDM/modules

If you would be interested in hosting a module in your own parish, please contact Hannah.Johnson@CovCofE.org. Those who attend a module in their home parish receive a free place.




Explore Modules


The Bible in Five Acts

An overview of the Bible which will help you to place the stories which you already know within the context of the wider biblical story and give you a framework with which you can shed light on any Bible passage that you read.


Understanding the Bible - Renewing your Life

A guide on how to read and understand the Bible and apply it to your life.  This module will help you to connect and see the relevance of the Bible in everyday life and to develop and enjoy the practice of reading the Bible regularly.


Exploring Themes in the Bible

A module to help enrich your understanding of larger themes in the Bible such as Messiah and Trinity as well as discovering what the Bible says about smaller, everyday themes like names, water and gardens and how this can affect the way you think about these things in life.


Jesus and the Gospels

This module will look at each of the four gospels in turn, so that you have the opportunity to get to grips with the unique approach to Jesus that each one of them offers. By the end of the module, you will have read all four gospels and you will find fresh ways of talking about what Jesus means to you.



This interactive module will give opportunities to learn about as well as participate in different styles, methods and experiences of prayer. We will look at prayers in the Bible, different types and styles of prayer, the links between different spiritualities and methods of prayer and active methods of praying such as 'prayer walks' and 'prayer stations'.


The Book of Revelation

Do you want to discover one of the least understood books in the Bible?  Do you want to see Coventry Cathedral in a new way?  Come and learn about history, theology, discipleship and mission in the Book of Revelation and gain powerful insights into God's plan for the world through his message to us.


Paul's Life, Mission and Letters

Paul’s Life, Mission and Letters looks at the life of the Apostle in his context in the 1st Century world, and the letters that he wrote, focusing especially on 1 and 2 Corinthians. You will gain an understanding of what motivated Paul, what his opponents said, and find ways of reading his letters so that they make sense!



This module explores how God’s invitation to Praise and Lament through music is an invitation to journey to a place of healing. Expect to find connections between music and the Psalms, to be challenged to listen to new styles, discuss your musical tastes, and to hear some great tunes!



What's the point of Advent?  Is it just the run up to Christmas or is there more?  Come and join us this Advent as we rediscover the deep wisdom of this season and how themes of coming, waiting and expectation are presented in the Bible.  Uncover the true meaning of Advent and how it characterises our life all the way through the year.


Introducing Christian Ethics

Jesus taught us to love one another and to love our neighbour as ourselves.  But what does that mean in the messiness of everyday life?  How are we to understand the ethical teaching of the Bible?  In this module you will explore the ethical framework of the Bible and think about what it means for how we should live, respond to issues and engage with the world.


Being a Christian in a Digital Age

Wherever you turn it seems data is everywhere. Banks and Google collect your data. Tripadvisor texts you where to go for your next holiday, and Facebook and Twitter help you follow your favourite actors, musicians and speakers.  Yet the impact on faith seems to be unclear.  This module aims to help people to explore the value and challenges of technology for Christians in a digital age.


Creation Care

This module, through consideration of scripture and science, looks at God’s creation, our place in it and the hope that we have for the future in a time of environmental crisis. By the end of the module, you should see that care for the environment is integral to our call as Christians to discipleship.


We Believe

In this module we shall explore how the Bible, Christian experience and theology relate to each other, and why Christians believe what they do. By the end of the module you will have looked at the basics of Christian theology and begun to think about how you might explain these to others, both inside church and beyond.



Develop Modules

God’s Mission and the Old Testament

We are all tempted to think of mission as a New Testament thing.  In this module we seek out the God of mission by looking at how the five marks of mission have their roots in the theology of the Old Testament.  We will explore God's promises to Abraham and Sarah, why the law is a gift for mission, as well as exile, creation and more.


God’s Mission and the New Testament

This module will explore an overview of the New Testament over 5 sessions as ‘essentially a missionary document’. We’ll look at the story behind the books and the ways in which they reflect different settings for mission in the first century, starting with Jesus and the Kingdom of God. By the end of the module you should  have gained a good grasp of how the different parts of the  New Testament relate to each other, have read quiet a lot of it with other participants, and be able to see how it might help us in our mission in today’s society.


Mission-Shaped God

This is a ‘why-to’ rather than ‘how-to’ module about mission, which will help you to understand what God is doing in the world and how you can join in. We’ll look at the ‘five marks of mission’ and find that, though evangelism is an essential and important part of mission, it’s not the whole story…