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Join us to explore your calling to be God’s child in creation, learning from Jesus as his disciple and seeking to join in with God in ministry to the world through the Holy Spirit.

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Summer Reading

Our Diocesan Training Partnership summer reading list has now arrived! Use the recommendations to build your own summer reading list. If you read one of the books and have time, we would love to read reviews of them, and will also publish them on the website for other readers. You can find a downloadable PDF at the top right of the page to make reference even easier.

Alternatively,  you can drop in to St Clare's at the Cathedral, just opposite the new Cathedral entrance, where they will be stocking the majority of the recommended books, plus they will have copies of the reading list.

We hope you will be blessed and challenged by these books, and they will provide enough edification to tide you over during the module break.

Mission Shaped God

This is a 'why-to' rather than 'how-to' module about mission, which will help you to understand what God is doing in the world and how you can join in. We'll look at the 'five marks of mission' and find that, though evangelism is an essential and important pat of mission, it's not the whole story..

Date and Time: Monday Evenings 7pm-9:30pm, 9th Sept - 7th Oct

Venue: St Clare's at the Cathedral

To register, please go to:

God's Mission and the Old Testament

We are all tempted to think of mission as a New Testament thing.  In this module we seek out the God of mission by looking at how the five marks of mission have their roots in the theology of the Old Testament.  We will explore God's promises to Abraham and Sarah, why the law is a gift for mission, as well as exile, creation and more.

Date and Time: Monday Evenings 7pm-9:30pm, 4th Nov - 2nd Dec

Venue: The Old Blue Coat School

To register, please go to:

Discovering and Using Our Spiritual Gifts

This module seeks to provide you with an understanding of Spiritual Gifts and what they are for.  It helps to create an opportunity for you to explore the gifts that God has given you and how he might be calling you to use them (both within and outside of the church). We will look at the other aspects of ourselves that can contribute to where we are being called to serve and we will discuss how we can work towards churches being a place where people serve and flourish within their gifting.

Date and Time: Tuesday Evenings, 7pm-9:30pm, 5th November - 3rd December

Venue: St Margaret's, School Lane, Hunningham, Leamington Spa

To register, please go to:

Digital Issues Facing Christians Today

Wherever you turn it seems data is everywhere. Banks and Google collect your data. Tripadvisor texts you where to go for your next holiday, and Facebook and Twitter help you follow your favourite actors, musicians and speakers.  Yet the impact on faith seems to be unclear.  This module aims to help people to explore the value and challenges of technology for Christians in a digital age.

Date and Time: Wednesday Evenings 7pm-9:30pm, 6th Nov - 4th Dec

Venue: St. Mark's Church, Leamington Spa, CV32 6DL

To register, please go to:

Leading Worship Services

This is aimed at anyone who is involved in leading any aspects of the worship services in their churches, from how to structure a service to leading prayers and music.  Inspiring worship services are those that bring together God’s people to celebrate all that He is doing in their wider lives and offer themselves to him.  This module will explore the history and importance of worship, the practicalities of planning and leading different elements of a service and help develop greater creativity and confidence in your leadership.

Date and Time: Thursday Evenings, 7pm-9:30pm, 14th Nov - 12th Dec

Venue: St Margaret's, School Lane, Hunningham, Leamington Spa

To register, please go to:

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