Contact Management System

The Contact Management System (CMS) is an online system that holds contact information for people who hold selected parish, deanery and diocesan posts.

Privacy settings

Each item of information has a privacy setting.  There are three options:

  • PUBLIC means that it can be shared with anyone who asks for it.
  • DIOCESE means that it can be shared with people who have a key role within the diocese (eg clergy, Readers, churchwardens, PCC officers, diocesan staff etc).
  • PRIVATE means that it can only be shared with diocesan staff and a few other authorised users.

When it comes to printing the Diocesan Directory, we will only include those details that are marked 'Public' or 'Diocese'.

By default, the initial privacy setting for contact information is 'Diocese' (as indicated on the CMS by a yellow padlock).  However, a contact can easily change their privacy settings to 'Public' (green padlock) or 'Private' (red padlock).

Conditions of Use

By applying to use the CMS, users agree to the following conditions of use:

  1. Contact information must only be used for the purpose of furthering the mission and ministry of the Church of England.
  2. Contact information can only be passed on to another person if:
  • The recipient will only use this information for the purpose mentioned above: and,
  • This information is shared in accordance with the individual's privacy settings.
  1. The CMS will not be used to send unsolicited emails or letters to groups of people.
  2. The CMS will not be used to compile group email lists (but see below).

These conditions are in accordance with the diocesan data protection policy.  Any breach of these conditions may result in access to the CMS being withdrawn from a user.

Advance Features for Deaneries

The CMS has several advanced features that can be enabled for Area Deans and deanery officers.  These include:

  • Sending emails to specific groups within the deanery (eg Deanery Synod members);
  • Printing address labels for specific groups.

These advanced features need to be enabled on an individual basis.  Please send any requests to