Helping you to read the Bible

Research within Coventry and Warwickshire has revealed that one of the weakest qualities of CofE churches is 'Passionate Spirituality' (see Understanding the 8EQs).

In response to these findings, clergy throughout the diocese were asked to suggest resources which encourage church members to read and engage with the Bible.  The suggested resources are listed below.

Please consider printing this page and taking it to your local Christian bookshop.  There you will be able to compare these resources with others that they have in stock.  Alternatively, details can be easily found on-line using any search engine.

Formats of the Bible

There is a wide range of different Bible translations, and local Christian bookshops sell them in paperback, hardback and leather-bound versions.  Staff can offer advice about the type of Bible that might best suit you.

In addition to paper Bibles, the following have been suggested by clergy within the diocese:

  • NIV Audio Bible read by David Suchet.  The entire Bible is available on CD or as a digital download.
  • New Testament read by Riding Lights.  Available on CD or as a digital download.
  • The Story.  An abridged, chronological Bible that reads like a novel.  This book is accompanied by a wide range of resources for churches and small groups.  See
Daily Bible reading notes

Christian bookshops have a wide range of daily Bible reading notes.  There are notes for new Christians, mature Christians, adults, teenagers and children.

Some daily notes are free, but most require a small subscription (typically £1 per month).  They are available in one or more of the following formats:

  • Paperback (often produced quarterly);
  • Mobile app downloaded to phones or tablets (via the Apple or Google App Stores);
  • Website on a computer.

The following have been suggested by clergy in the diocese:

  • Bible in One Year (from HTB).  Available as a mobile app or website
  • Explore Bible Devotional (from  Available in paperback or as a mobile app (try for free).
  • Fresh from the Word 2015.  Paperback for the entire year (or reduced price during the year).
  • New Daylight (from BRF). Available in paperback or as a mobile app.
  • Reflections for Daily Prayer (from the CofE).  Available in a mobile app (try for free).
Daily audio podcasts

These are similar to daily Bible reading notes but are available in audio format.  Some people prefer to listen rather than read (and it might also include music).  It also engage with the Bible while walking or driving.

Podcasts are free and can be downloaded to computers, or to mobile phones or tablets (via the Apple or Google App Stores).

The following has been suggested by clergy in the diocese:

Non-dated Bible study notes

These are similar to daily Bible reading notes, except the notes are not dated.  They are often suitable both for personal devotions or for group discussions.

The following have been suggested by clergy in the diocese:

  • 'For Everyone' Bible Study Guides.  A series of books by Tom Wright.
  • Storylines: Tracing the Threads of the Bible.  A book by Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft.
  • The Bible in Time.  A book by Steven Travis which provides an overview of the entire Bible by exploring 130 passages.
  • The Manual - Bible notes for men.  See
  • Uncover.  Bible reading resouces by Richard Cunningham.  See
Other recommended resources

The following have also been suggested by clergy in the diocese:

  • Compton's Interactive Bible.  For use on a computer, this provides multimedia clips and expert commentary.
  • The Text This Week.  This website provides links to free on-line resources associated with Sunday lectionary readings.  See