What is available?

The Diocese offers the opportunity for anyone, lay or ordained, to be put in contact with a trained person who will accompany them in one to one sessions, usually monthly, six-weekly or eight-weekly, to guide and support each person on his or her spiritual journey with God. Each session can last up to an hour.

These people are known as 'Spiritual Directors.' Training to become a spiritual director takes place over a two year period, with the Spiritual Formation Course (or similar) completed first, as well as listening course, followed by the one year Art of Spiritual Direction Course. 

The term ‘spiritual director’ is an umbrella term covering those who provide support and encouragement for the faith journey: accompaniers/ soul friends. Spiritual Directors give people a space to share, reflect and explore. This is a confidential supportive relationship that involves listening without patronising or judging.

This accompaniment can help an individual to:

  • understand where God is at work in their daily lives and in times of change and life trauma,
  • have support in trying out different ways of praying,
  • suggest where to go on an individual retreat,
  • help with difficulties in prayer or with their relationship with God and/or with people, as far as it concerns their soul/spirit,
  • and to share in the joys and delights of their individual journey with God.

When there is difficulty which may need a different kind of help (such as counselling or mental health support) the spiritual director will be able to refer their directee to where such help may be found.

Each spiritual director receives spiritual direction themselves, and are required to receive supervision for their work with others in this field, either on a one to one basis, or in a peer group. All spiritual directors are expected to be DBS cleared and have had up to date Diocesan Safeguarding Training. 

Who is eligible?

Spiritual direction is available to anyone who seeks it. Clergy in the diocese, along with most other dioceses in the country, are encouraged and expected to have a spiritual director with whom they can meet for support and challenge in their relationship with God in order to grow spiritually and deepen their relationship with God.

How do I access it?

The list of trained spiritual directors is held in confidence by an appropriate person within the Diocese. There are currently over 70 people trained to offer this support within the Diocese, free of charge.

The contact person who holds the list currently is the Revd Mary Crameri (contact details below). The process is to either email her or telephone (email preferred) to ask for a spiritual director. After a short discussion, Mary will find an appropriate director and give you their contact details. Then you contact the director to ask for an exploratory session (up to an hour) to make sure you both feel you can work together on your spiritual journey with God. After the initial contact meeting, you then agree to work together at a mutually convenient regular commitment. The arrangement is always mutual; if either person feels it isn't working this can be discussed and if necessary the agreement can be terminated and another spiritual director can be found.

Whom do I contact for more information?

Contact the Revd Mary Crameri.

Email: mary.crameri@btinternet.com

Phone: 01789296650

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