Community projects map

Following an audit conducted in October 2014, it was identified that over 251 community projects are currently run by Anglican churches in Coventry and Warwickshire. The projects are indicated in the two maps below. The first map identifies the most common projects run by churches, and the second map highlights the projects that are less frequently run.


All information gathered on the Anglican churches has been collected and logged by Together For Change.


To use these maps, click on the white box in the top left hand corner of the map. A drop down box will appear. Click on the category which is of interest to you and then, on the map, markers will appear. These markers show you where the category that you have selected (e.g. food bank) is taking place. For example, if you select the category "Food Bank", then forty-one yellow markers will appear on the map. Click on one of the markers that have appeared and the web site link for that church will pop up. Click on the web site link and the church's site will provide you with more information as to when and where the outreach is running.

If either of these maps does not load, press the F5 key to refresh.


Map 1 (common projects)



Map 2 (less frequently run projects)



A breakdown of all the current outreach projects can also be found on the attached excel spread sheet; this is available for download by clicking on the 'Church Community Outreach' link below. Some projects found on this spreadsheet are not part of the map, but if you are interested in any of these, follow the link to the church web site that is provided and further information should be given.



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