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This page provides access to school, academy and DBE vacancies within the Diocese.  If you have any queries regarding any of the vacancies shown please contact us 01788 422800 or

Foundation Governor Vacancies

Christian ministry can take many forms, and as a diocese we believe that church school governance is an important part of the church’s mission.  Within our parishes and deaneries, we have a total of 74 (soon to be 75) Church of England schools and academies, educating approximately 18,000 children and young people from pre-school to 18. The Coventry Diocesan Board of Education seeks to provide Church School education that enables every young person, of all faiths or none, to realise that ‘Every Child Matters’ to God and to the diocese. By developing strong partnerships with all elements of the local community and the local church, the diocese aims to secure transformational educational provision for pupils, both now and for the future. We would encourage you to ask God if this is the work that He is calling you to do.

Governors play a key role in ensuring that the children in our diocesan family of schools develop both academically and spiritually within a distinctive Christian ethos.  We are looking for people who are able to support our schools in understanding and developing the Christian aspects of their work and are willing to commit time and effort to supporting the educational development of the children in our schools.  You do not have to be an educational expert as training is available in all aspects of school governance.  What is important is a willingness to commit to the role and an ability to ask questions whilst working with others to ensure the best outcomes for children by challenging and supporting school leaders in equal measure.  School governance uses the experience of people from many walks of life and if you work in business, have an interest in finance or have experience of working in a variety of situations then you could make a valuable contribution to the work of a school governing body.

Governing body meetings usually take place at least termly with smaller sub-committees held in between full meetings. Membership of any committee will be based on your interests and experience. 

When a vacancy arises within a parish the PCC is responsible for identifying potential nominees. However sometimes the PCC are unable to find a local nominee and so we currently have a number of schools in the diocese with vacancies. We would also like to build a database of people who would be willing to serve in this way so that we have a ready supply of willing volunteers when vacancies cannot be filled locally.

If you would like further information please contact April Gold, Deputy Diocesan Director of Education, who will be able to talk through with you what it’s like being a governor and how it all works. If you feel that you could take on this very important role, please talk to the incumbent in your local church to see whether there are any current vacancies or vacancies that will arise in the near future. If there aren’t any vacancies in your local school but you would still like to be on our database, please fill in the application form and we will be in touch to discuss other potential vacancies with you.

April can be contacted on 01788 422800 or


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