Centenary Tree Project


As part of the 2018 Diocesan Centenary, the DEG organised The Centenary Tree Project, in which it was proposed that a tree would be planted to commemorate the Centenary in every churchyard and in the grounds of each Church of England School. We are very grateful to the Woodland Trust, which has kindly donated enough trees for us to plant one in every churchyard and Church of England School. Please do promote and support the work of the Woodland Trust (see their website). If you do donate to them in response to their generous support, please do refer to the 2018 Diocese of Coventry Centenary Tree Project.

We were given 70 each of Silver Birch, Wild Cherry and Rowan and about 25 each of Downy Birch, Goat Willow (otherwise known as the Pussy Willow), Crab Apple and Hawthorn and 15 Holly. These have now been selected by 68 churches and the remainder will go to our 76 Diocesan Church of England schools and their 6 associated schools.


Details are posted here in the Documents section of the List B application process for placing a tree and a commemorative plaque in your churchyard for those of you who still have to go through this stage. Incumbents and churchwardens should have received details and an application form from the DAC, including how to make a List B Application (https://facultyonline.churchofengland.org/home).


The process of placing a plaque by the tree has been made much more straightforward than usual; please see the Chancellor's statement in the Documents section. The wording and the design of the plaques is standard across the Diocese. We have provided plaques free and we are very grateful for donations which have already been received from parishes or individuals for this great project and to parishes which have sponsored their own or local church schools for the cost of a plaque. The plaques cost £45 each. If your parish has not done this, we do invite you to consider doing so.

We currently still (8/1/2019) have a backlog of applications waiting for their List B Applications to be processed. Plaques for these will be distributed as soon as we have sufficient numbers to justify delivery journeys across the Diocese. 


As some schools did not pick up packs of trees at the Cross of Nails Pilgrimage service in Coventry Cathedral in November, we still have, to date, a number of trees available: 6 Holly, 9 Silver Birch, 2 Wild Cherry, 1 Downy Birch, 4 Hazel, 8 Goat (Pussy) Willow. These have now been potted up and are awaiting homes in Diocesan churchyards or CofE schools for planting out in the spring. Saplings are UK, 2018 cell-grown stock, approx. 20-40cm tall and the Woodland Trust have provided spiral guards and bamboo canes to help protect against the elements and small mammals.

If you would like an extra tree or have any queries about List B Applications, do contact me at Godfrey.Armitage@CovCofe.org.

Heavenly Father. Thank you for blessing the Diocese of Coventry over the past century. Please protect these trees and bring them to maturity; may they symbolise our hopes for your people for the years ahead, that we may each be faithful to your calling, through Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN

8th January 2019