Development Mornings
Planning for the future with wisdom and imagination

Are you are longing to work  together as leaders to develop new ideas and

receive fresh impulse from the Holy Spirit? Then why not book a Church

Development Morning. They are designed with you in mind.


One of the many challenges that church leaders face, without exception, is finding God’s way forward in a changing cultural landscape. The complexities of embracing change; starting something new or letting go of something that is no longer fruitful are well known. It requires thoughtful planning, skilful navigation and invariably, courage. It is tempting to stay with tried and tested ways and hold on to familiar routines and practices that have served the church well in the past. Church Development Mornings aim to provide PCCs and leadership teams with the opportunity to take time out to think clearly about:


· Where their strengths lie as a church.

· How they are currently applying those strengths.

· The things that hinder growth.

- The characteristics and calling of their  church. 

- The future direction of their church. 

How to Apply?

Choose two possible dates from the following list (1st and 2nd choices):

19th January, 9th February, 16th March, 6th April, 18th May, 22nd June, 13 July, 21 September, 19th October, 16th November, 6th December  (other dates by arrangement)    

and select a facilitator:

Archdeacon Morris Rodham, Rev’d Tim Mitchell,   Rev’d Steve Hood, Rev’d Lynn Chetcuti, Rev’d Miles Baker, Rev’d Graeme Anderson 

and let Tim Mitchell know your choices:


Phone  02476 521351 or 07496821460

Tim will firm up one of the dates and put you in touch with your preferred facilitator (if available)

How much does it cost?

Church Development Mornings are free to those churches in the lowest 20% for deprivation in the Diocese. For others the cost is £5 per person which includes a buffet lunch.