Donate to the Diocese of Coventy

Donate to the Diocese of Coventry

All donations are very gratefully received. There are three main ways you can donate to the DBF:

  • Online, through BT MyDonate - clicking the link above will navigate away from this web page, to one operated by BT MyDonate. MyDonate does not receive any of your donation; all of it will be used to further the work of the DBF.
  • By bank transfer - please contact Jill Benn, who will be happy to provide you with the DBF's bank account details.
  • By cheque - please make cheques payable to "Coventry DBF" and post them to Jill Benn, Cathedral and Diocesan Offices, 1 Hill Top, Coventry, CV1 5AB.

If you would like to gift aid your donation to the DBF, please complete the DBF's gift aid declaration (unless you have done this before), and send it with your donation to the address above.

If you would like to give to a specific fund within the DBF, please specify this in writing, and provide contact details. We may need to contact you to discuss your donation.

  • If you would like your donation to support the Diocesan Centenary activities, or you would like to donate to the centenary tree project, please click here.

If you have any queries, please contact Simon Taylor (024 7652 1329).

The Coventry DBF’s objectives are to promote, facilitate, and assist with, the work and purposes of the Church of England, for the advancement of the Christian faith in the Diocese of Coventry and elsewhere.