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A Diocesan Worship Group has been set up by Bishop Christopher...

  • Stella Bailey
  • Greg Bartlem
  • Andy March
  • Naomi Nixon
  • David Stone (convenor)
  • Jill Tucker
  • Cath Vickers
  • Arthur Woo
  • with Bishop Christopher and Bishop John as ex-officio members.
What have we been asked to do?
  • Assist the whole Diocese to aim for the highest standards of Anglican worship that both draw on the riches of the liturgical tradition in its various forms (including catholic, evangelical and charismatic) and, through their inspiring quality, lead to the making of new disciples and the transforming of communities.
  • Support the parishes and communities of the Diocese as they seek to improve the quality of their worship.
  • Signpost parishes and communities of the Diocese to training events and, where appropriate, providing such events that will help them to improve the quality of their worship.
  • Keep abreast of liturgical developments (both formal and informal) in the Church of England and being a conduit of information between the Church's national systems and the Diocese.
  • Advise the Bishop on episcopal and other diocesan services (such as institutions, inductions, licensings etc) and on other initiatives involving worship, and devising appropriate liturgies for such occasions including one-off events of worship.

We’ll be using the e-bulletin to communicate news and ideas. In addition, we plan to use this section of the diocesan website as a source of useful links and as a library of home-grown liturgy resources. If you have any suggestions about what to include, including material you have written which you would be happy for the wider diocese to make use of, please let us know.

How can people contact us?

To get in touch, please email Jill Tucker - revjill.tucker@tiscali.co.uk