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The purpose of the church is to:

  • Worship God;
  • Make new disciples;
  • Transform communities.

The eBulletin aims to give church members the information and resources to do this better.  It also aims to encourage mutual understanding and support within the diocesan family.

1. What kind of articles are distributed?

eBulletin articles currently fall into the following categories:

  • Announcements from our bishops and archdeacons;
  • Training opportunities in discipleship and leadership;
  • Resources for a variety of church ministries and activities;
  • Events within our diocese and further afield;
  • Notices about the diocesan family.

Our Directory of Communication is happy to consider other categories. You can contact him at

2. How do I submit an article?

Anyone is welcome to submit an article by clicking the 'submit an article' link that can be found at the top of every eBullein.

People can choose to receive their bulletin on any day of the week, but the most popular day is Saturday. In order to be included in Saturday’s bulletin, articles need to be submitted by 3 pm on the previous Thursday.

3. How much notice must be given for an event?

Last-minute publicity about events has been found to be ineffective. Furthermore, some of our eBulletin readers had previously complained about events being advertised at short notice. This particularly related to events that people would have enjoyed attending, but were unable to do so at short notice.

For these reasons, when submitting the FIRST article about an EVENT, the following notice must be given:

  • At least four weeks notice for an event being advertised throughout the diocese.
  • At least two weeks notice for an event being advertised within your deanery.

This rule only applies to EVENTS (and not to job adverts or other types of articles).

This rule only applies to the FIRST article to be submitted.  Once an initial article has been submitted, the above notice does not apply to any subsequent reminders (see item 6 below).

4. What can be included in an article?

Each article can have up to five different elements:

  • Headline - This is a maximum of 80 characters (including spaces).  If possible, the headline should contain the date of any events.
  • Main Text - This is a maximum of 640 characters (about 100 words).  It should summarise the key facts that need to be communicated.
  • Website Link (optional) - One website link can be added at the end of the article.  This can be used to provide additional information or pictures.
  • Email Address (optional) - One email address can be added at the end of the article.
  • Attachments (optional) - One or more documents can be attached to the article.  Attachments might include flyers, posters, application forms, etc.
5. What happens to this information?

Articles are distributed via weekly eBulletins to people who have subscribed.  They are also publicly displayed on this website at

6. How can I maximise the publicity for an event?

We recommend submitting up to three different articles for each event. For example, you might consider:

  • An article giving advance notice of the date.  This could be distributed several months ahead;
  • An article giving full details about the event (including posters and flyers if applicable);
  • An article giving a final reminder.  This could be distributed a week or two before the event.

However, for the benefit of our readers, there are two constraints:

  • Item 3 above gives the minimum notice for the FIRST article about an event;
  • There must be a gap of at least four weeks between any subsequent reminders.
7. Can you keep repeating my article for a few weeks?

Paradoxically, more people read article if we don’t keep repeating them!

If every article was to be repeated four times, a typical weekly bulletin would be four times bigger (eg 60 articles instead of 15).  We are aware that our bulletins go to busy people, and shorter bulletins are more likely to be read than longer ones.

For this reason, articles are usually distributed to our readers only once.  However, upon request, we will distribute up to three articles for each event, provided that there is a gap of at least one month between them (see question 6).