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Anna Laycock

 Prayer Diary - September 2019

The September Prayer Diary focuses on Coventry North Deanery.

Please find attached two versions of the Prayer Diary. The consecutive format is recommended for displaying on a computer screen, or printing for home use; the booklet format is recommended for printing a double-sided booklet.

You can also download the Prayer Diary from the diocesan website.

Please click the link below, and then select the format you require in the right-hand panel.

  Website:  www.dioceseofcoventry.org/bottom/PrayerDiary

Anna Laycock
 News Story - St Francis transforms communities

In Coventry 4.6% of people are registered as unemployed, 0.5% higher than the national average. According to the End Child Poverty Coalition there are an estimated 24,931 children living in poverty. Coventry also has provided homes for more Syrian refugees than any other local authority outside of London.

The mix of poverty and cultural differences can lead to fragmentation of communities. However, St Francis of Assisi Church in Radford is working to transform communities and revolutionise the lives of local people by helping them move forward to employment or education.

To read the rest of the article, click the link below.

  Website:  Diocesan Website

Ryan Finnegan

 Jesus the Good Shepherd - Quiet Day in September

The Well is delighted to welcome you to Jesus the Good Shepherd, a Quiet Day led by Revd Anne Hibbert and Revd Celia Parkes on 12 September at The Well, 20 Augusta Place, Leamington Spa.

What does Jesus mean by describing Himself as a Shepherd in John 10? Jesus said, “I know my sheep and my sheep know me.” John 10:14 These words describe a very personal relationship. How can we get to know our Good Shepherd better?

The day costs £20, with an option of lunch for £5. You can book your place using the attached booking form or online by clicking the link below.

  Website:  www.wellhealing.org/events/jesus-the-good-shepherd/

Ryan Finnegan

  Christian Coach Training - Free 'Open Hour'

If you’d like to be part of an amazing group of Christians developing their Christian faith based Coaching skills this September, join them for a free online introduction on Friday 23 August or Friday 30 August at 12 noon.

Discover what a Christian faith based to coaching is all about and the difference it can make to you and those you serve. More details are on the attached flyer. To book your place please email your chosen date to Carole using the link below.

  Website:  www.kingscompasscoach.com
  Email:      carole@kingscompasscoach.com

Ryan Finnegan
 Coventry United Ladies FC

Coventry United Ladies FC are looking for a chaplain to support players and staff at the club. This needs to be a female who is able to attend training one evening a week and be at most home matches every other Sunday. Training would be given by Sports Chaplaincy UK.

Anyone interested can speak to Simon Betteridge, chaplain at Coventry City, simon.betteridge@uhcw.nhs.uk or Angy King, Pastoral co-ordinator for Women's Football angy.king@sportschaplaincy.org.uk