Important tips about searching

You will find a 'search' box at the top of every page of this website, and there are two important tips to help you find what you're looking for.

Tip 1 - More is less

When entering search words, remember that "more is less".

A single 'search' word will usually yield many results.  Two 'search' words will yield fewer results, and three will yield even less.

This is because the search facility will only display items that contain ALL the search words that you enter (and each word must be spelt correctly).

Tip 2 - Select the type

Your initial search will yield all types of results.  However, the number of results will be reduced if you select one of the following types:

  • Pages.  This will only list information pages.
  • News.  This will only list news stories.
  • Articles.  This will only list articles from the eBulletin.
  • Documents.  This will only list documents from our Documents Library.

You can select the type by clicking one of the options next to the 'Search again' button.