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Parish Share Guide

Every parish in the Diocese of Coventry contributes towards the cost of parish ministers. The payment for each parish is calculated in two stages:

  • First, the cost of parish ministers is shared between the eleven deaneries in our diocese. This is called the Deanery Share.
  • Second, each deanery decides how best to allocate their Deanery Share among their own parishes. This is called the Parish Share.

The leaflet "Our Parish Shares pay for Parish Ministers", first published in July 2013 and updated in November 2017, gives a straightforward guide to Parish Share in the Diocese of Coventry.

Alternatively, click here for a detailed explanation of how it is calculated.

The Support Fund

A deanery’s Share is based on its ‘cost of ministers’,
with a central Support Fund to assist deaneries that need it.
Each Share also includes a contribution to the Support Fund,
and any surplus helps new initiatives for mission.

Every year, the amount of money that each deanery will pay into or receive from the Support Fund in the next year is agreed at the Support Fund Meeting. Representatives from each deanery spend the morning listening to each other speak about their area; this is followed by each deanery making either offers of or requests for support.

The payments in and out of the Support Fund must balance or make a surplus (any surplus is earmarked for the Diocesan Mission Fund). If the first round of offers and requests does not achieve that, the deanery representatives have time for prayer, discussion, and questions. The aim of these discussions is to reach unanimous agreement on the next year's payments.

For a full description of how this process works, see "The Calculation of Deanery Shares".


Annual Deanery Shares

More information on the Deanery Shares for recent years and the Support Fund meetings for each year can be found on the pages linked to below:


Background statistics

To help deaneries prepare for the Support Fund meeting, statistics on each of the deaneries have been produced.  They are available below: