Parochial fees
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Fees for weddings and funerals

When significant changes in statutory fees came into effect on 1st January 2013 for the Church of England nationally, the Diocese of Coventry produced documents explaining the changes. These documents also serve to explain the current arrangements.  They are:

The Diocese of Coventry has also published answers to questions frequently asked by funeral directors, or those who wish to organise a church funeral.

This form may be used if you are sending the DBF portion of the fees to the Diocesan Office.

The Church of England has published the following table for statutory Parochial Fees:

The forms for previous years are in the documents panel.

Fees paid to ministers for additional ministry

Worship and pastoral care are key aspects of our shared life in the diocese.  Sometimes there are situations where additional authorised ministry is required to enable this to happen, and the Bishop’s Core Staff Team are really grateful for the help and support offered that makes this possible.

The Coventry DBF Policy on Fee Payments for Additional Ministry (weddings, funerals and other services) outlines the arrangements for ensuring that services are appropriately covered and that all eligible ministers who take additional services are properly remunerated.

A minister should complete this claim form (also available as a Word document) and return it to the diocesan office.