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Ryan Finnegan
 Petty Theft and Damage at Ladbroke Church

Ladbroke Church has suffered a string of attempts to get into their donation box set into the wall of the church near the main door. It was a very robust box so the early attempts just burred the locks though later ones meant it couldn't be unlocked with the keys. On subsequent visits the perpetrator removed the hinge at the bottom and tried to lever the box out, damaging the nearby wall and has even used an angle grinder.

The Church are concerned with what he what might see as his next challenge and images from CCTV footage have been passed to the police. If other churches have had similar problems please email Jackie West using the link.

  Email:      jackieszone-churchdamage@yahoo.com

Will Jones
 Lead thefts spike in diocese

There have been three further thefts of lead from church roofs in Coventry diocese in the last few weeks. The thefts appear to be carried out by organised criminals, probably the same as those who have been targeting churches in the East of the country over the past few years. Churches are encouraged to be vigilant, to check their insurance cover, and to consider installing a roof security system on any unprotected lead roofs. (NB: Ecclesiastical Insurance cap their insurance cover unless a roof security system is installed; Trinitas Insurance do not and may be worth looking into.)

  Website:  Trinitas Insurance

Claire Strachan
 Warwickshire Historic Churches Trust - Treasurer required

We are a small county charity that fundraises and pays out grants for a rewarding cause – to preserve our rich architectural heritage for future generations, and we are currently looking for a new Treasurer. Candidates must have proven experience in accounting, preferably in the charitable sector. IT skills essential. Time required is about 2-3 hours a month. Expenses paid.
Please contact Trustee James Kerr at to apply or for further information.

  Email:      jameskerr515@gmail.com

Claire Strachan

 Ride and Stride - 8th September 2018

Ride and Stride is a terrific day out in the fresh air in our Diocese!
Please help make Ride and Stride a success this year by getting involved and encouraging local people to walk or cycle around their local churches on September 8th to raise much-needed funds to enable Warwickshire & Coventry Historic Churches Trust to preserve Warwickshire’s wonderful architectural heritage for future generations.
Please visit the website or contact Sarah Constable on the details below for further information and for sponsorship forms. A poster is attached for you to put up in your church or distribute around your community.

  Website:  warwickshirechurches.org.uk/ride-and-stride/
  Email:      Sarah Constable

Claire Strachan
 Home Office Security Grants

The Home Office has opened a further round of grants for security measures at places of worship. Places of worship can submit bids for projects costing up to £70,000 for protective security measures and will be required to contribute at least 20 percent of the total cost of the project. The Home Office will award funding on a discretionary basis up to a maximum of £56,000 per place of worship. Funding will not be available for improvements, lead theft, security upgrades or measures to tackle anti-social behaviour or other criminality unconnected with hate crime. For more information please visit the website below.

  Website:  www.gov.uk/guidance/places-of-worship-security-funding-scheme