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The Order of Jacob's Well, Cubbington
Participants on the first "In his footsteps" course.

In the article below, Barbara Spicer writes about what The Order of Jacob's Well is and the ministry of The Order of Jacob's Well in Cubbington.

The Order of Jacob's Well is a Christian religious Order and was set up in Wales in 1998 by the Revd Mike Endicott. It was borne out of a prayer group as Mike had sought God over many years for an effective healing ministry today in this hurting world.

It was backed by the then Bishop of Monmouth, Rowan Williams, later to become Archbishop of Canterbury. He gave it this charge: "We give thanks to God that He calls and equips His children to minister in His name. Some are called and empowered to minister in special ways under the authority of the Church of God."

A number of other Wells have been birthed since then, both nationally and internationally, as Mike Endicott has taken his teaching around the world. He remains the Prior/Director of the Order. Following a two year process, Cubbington, near Leamington Spa, officially became a Well in August 2015.

So what is a Well? A Well is a community where Christians come to listen: to listen to God, to scripture, to each other and to listen to the needs of God's wounded people, in and through the lifestyle of the community.

Members of the Cubbington Well meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 2.30pm at the home of Barbara and Richard Spicer. The meeting consists of Prayer, Praise and listening to teaching by Mike Endicott, and includes tea and cake and fellowship together. Members gain confidence in equipping themselves to pray with each other and for visiting people who have requested prayer in their own homes. However they will always go in pairs as Jesus instructed His disciples to do. Quite simply this ministry is based on proclaiming the finished work of the cross. Jesus died for us; He defeated all sin and all sickness once and for all. Therefore we thank and praise God for this amazing gift of His love for us. No “please” prayers but thanks for this free gift and for His Grace which flows all around us. The Kingdom of God is that near. It really is that simple. Many miracles of healing, both emotional and physical, are being witnessed.

The Well also holds a monthly Celtic-style healing service on the third Sunday of the month at 4pm in Cubbington C of E Primary School, which is opposite St Mary’s Church in the village. In fact the Cubbington Well was borne out of a group of people who worship at St Mary’s and who are passionate about healing in a hurting world, both physical and emotional. The Well runs parallel to St Mary’s and is supported by the Revd Graham Coles, Vicar of St Mary’s. However, the Well is non-denominational and everyone is very welcome as Jesus never turned anyone away, regardless of who they were or what they had done.

A course named "In His Footsteps" consisting of teachings on DVD by Mike Endicott is available two/three times a year, the next one being 18th,19th and 20th April. The course is best run over three days with regular tea/coffee breaks and lunch, as this gives a great time for fellowship and answering questions raised. The course concludes with a Celtic-style healing service. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For more details please contact Mrs Barbara Spicer. Tel: 01926315455  Mob: 07984003649  Email:

Barbara Spicer