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WEC UK has arrived in Coventry
The new headquarters of WEC UK on Far Gosford Street.

The headquarters of WEC UK (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) have moved to Coventry.

WEC UK is a part of an international fellowship of over 1,800 long-term workers serving in 90 countries. Their vision and mission is to reach the unreached. Crossing cultures, making disciples, planting churches, sharing the vision of ‘the whole church to the whole world’ and, crucially, praying to see Jesus known, loved and worshipped.

Why Coventry? Increasingly, mission is ‘everywhere to everywhere.’  WEC UK Directors, John and Pauline Bagg, are leading the UK team through a journey to reorder their ministries in the UK, to be more effective in their calling to ‘reach the unreached’ peoples here amongst us. This has included the relocation of the WEC UK headquarters to Coventry, to the Scala building on Far Gosford Street.

Pauline and John Bagg

John and Pauline say;

“As we have walked around Coventry, and begun to make relationships, we see huge opportunities and we’re trusting to be a part of what God is planning to do in, and from, the UK. One cost of the relocation is that we are leaving behind a network of local volunteers who were vital to the work. We come trusting the Lord to raise up new volunteers to “fill those gaps,” who resonate with our vision, and who can give some of their time to its increasing fulfilment particularly those with skills in administration, finance, pastoral care and media & communications. We are also looking to appoint new trustees to the board.”

If you would like to find out more about WEC UK or get involved with what they are doing, click here.


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