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Bishop writes to Coptic Christians

In the wake of the Palm Sunday bombings in the Egyptian cities of Tanta and Alexandria that killed many Coptic Christians, the Bishop of Coventry, the Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, has written to the General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, Bishop Angaelos.

The letter says:

"Your Grace, brother Bishop,

Please know that the Diocese of Coventry grieves over the tragic loss of life and the terrible injuries suffered by Coptic Christians and those who sought to protect them in Tanta and Alexandria. The scenes are devastating and the suffering indescribable. How poignant the weeping and words of our Lord as he drew near the city on the first Palm Sunday, and yearned for ‘the things that make for peace’ (Luke 19.41).

We give thanks that His Holiness, Pope Tawadros II, was spared but we remember all those who died and we pray for their families together with all those who continue to suffer the terrible effects of this appalling violence.

Your words in your Communiqué are as inspiring as ever and I shall quote some of them in the sermon which I will preach on Maundy Thursday at our Chrism Eucharist when the ministers of the Diocese renew their vows to serve the crucified and risen Christ.

With our love in Christ to you, your clergy and all the faithful

+ Christopher"


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