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New section of Diocesan website

A new section of the Diocesan website about Clergy Wellbeing has just been launched.

The new Clergy Wellbeing section includes twelve pages detailing where clergy can access information about the availability of support and wellbeing provisions within the diocese. It explains the resources available within the diocese, the eligibility for these resources, how to access them and whom to contact. The pages include information about counselling support, mentoring, retreats, spiritual direction and other provisions.

This new section of the diocesan website has been produced in response to a survey of diocesan clergy at the beginning of 2017.  The survey revealed that clergy did not always know where to access information about wellbeing within the diocese. The responses to the survey were also immensely helpful in developing the content of these pages.

The Clergy Wellbeing section can be found at

Bishop John said:

“As a Diocese, the clergy wellbeing agenda is part of the wellbeing agenda for the whole of the Diocese, ordained and lay. As disciples, we are all by definition learners and need to continue learning from one another”

In addition to this sectionthe diocesan website also has other resources for various groups of people:

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