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Local faith leaders stand together

The leaders of faith communities in Coventry and Warwickshire have expressed their solidarity in response to the Manchester attack by issuing a joint statement.

The statement says:

"Our hearts rage against the assault on life at the Manchester Arena – this murder of the innocents, so many of them young. We stand with the people of Manchester, and towns and cities across the Northwest, in their grief and suffering. We pray for them.

This outbreak of evil seeks to cause fear, sow seeds of distrust between peoples and even drive communities apart. We will resist it. We will turn our rage to good.

We call on all our communities to be one community, united in resolve, showing together that the strength of human goodness overcomes the cowardice of acts of terror.

We stand together in Coventry and Warwickshire for peace in our world and reconciliation between peoples.  As leaders of different religious traditions, we stand together in Coventry and Warwickshire to condemn such cowardly acts that are not in any religious teaching, and for peace in our world and reconciliation between peoples."

Joint signatories

The statement has been signed by:

  • Christopher Cocksworth     –     Bishop of Coventry
  • Abdullah Shehu     –     Chair, Coventry Muslim Forum
  • Sanjay Jagatia     –     Director/Secretary General Hindu Council UK
  • Bill Rattigan     –     Baha’i community
  • Ros Johnson     –     Jewish community
  • Mehru Fitter     –     Zoroastrian community
  • Harry Hall     –     Coventry Multi-Faith Forum
  • Steve Faber     –     United Reformed Church
  • Jatinder S Birdi     –     Sikh, Chair of the Warwick District Faiths Forum
  • Hobbs Bashir     -   The Stratford Upon Avon Muslim Association
  • Farzana Hannan     -   On behalf of Hijaz College, Nuneaton 
Prayer Vigil at Coventry Cathdral

About a hundred people of different faiths also attended a prayer vigil at Coventry Cathedral on 25 May 2017.

Prayer vigil at Coventry Cathedral to remember the victims of the Manchester bombing
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