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St Peter’s Centre Inclusive Kitchen

On Monday 3rd July, the Bishop of Coventry, the Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, joined the Lord Mayor of Coventry, Tony Skipper, and the head of Coventry Council, Martin Reeves, to officially open the new inclusive kitchen at St Peter’s Community Centre in Hillfields, Coventry.

The refurbishment plan for the kitchen began around 18 months ago with discussions between staff and users on how best to ensure St Peter’s Centre maintains a high quality, clean and safe venue. Soon after, fundraising efforts began and the project was awarded a grant from WREN, a non-profit organisation that awards grants for community projects from funds donated by FCC Environment through the Landfill Communities Fund.

The kitchen has been adapted into a fully inclusive kitchen which will be suitable for all the groups that use St Peter’s Centre. It has been designed specifically for use by disabled adults, but can be used by any group and is very user friendly for children’s groups. Training cameras have been installed, meaning that St Peter’s Centre can accommodate large groups of people for food based projects, with a group in the kitchen watching the trainer and a larger group in the hall watching via a large screen.

Along with the kitchen, the community area on the ground floor has been refurbished and repaired to include flooring throughout, a complete overhaul of the heating system and a new LED lighting system.

St Peter's Centre kitchen before & after.

The grand opening on the 3rd July was very well attended: students from Sidney Stringer Academy helped to serve refreshments and provided live music as people were arriving; members of the UHCW Ripple project (a project that aims to increase the social inclusion of people with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) attended as part of their regular meeting in the centre, and users of the centre's library came down for the celebration.

Bishop Christopher gave the opening address. He spoke about how St Peter was welcomed by Jesus to eat with him, and the centrality of food and cooking to building welcoming and caring communities. The Lord Mayor and Martin Reeves also spoke and expressed their thanks to everyone who had supported the developments.

The Bishop cut the ribbon to officially open the new kitchen facilities, and then had a pancake cooking and tossing competition with the Lord Mayor and Martin.

The kitchen will be available for use by disabled groups from across the city. For more information see the St Peter’s Centre website here.


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