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A distraction from saving souls?

"The church's job is to save souls; everything else is a distraction." That attitude has been common amongst evangelicals in the past and still has some traction in some parts today explains Diocesan staff member, Dr Will Jones, in his new book Evangelical Social Theology: Past and Present.

Will's book explores why evangelicals are interested in social theology and whether their interest has been consistent over the years. He analyses the changes in moral outlook in the west, and how evangelicals have been influenced and responded to this. Offering some profound insights, Will looks at the reasons why evangelicals continue to give energy to social issues - whilst at the same time remaining ambivalent about such activism.

Will says:

"I’m fascinated by the application of Christian theology to social questions and how that has impacted on the history of our society. I read somewhere that evangelical Christianity doesn’t have a legacy of social theology, and I just thought that can’t be right. As an evangelical Christian I wanted to understand how the tradition I identified with had approached social questions in the past and today, and what impact that had made on the wider world."

Bishop Christopher comments:

"With considerable style and skill, Will Jones sweeps across several centuries of history, identifying and analysing the formative influences on evangelical social theology. This important text will encourage evangelicals who believe that the gospel propels them into transformative engagement with society, showing them how their instincts belong to the deep character of evangelicalism. Equally, it will inform those who want to understand evangelicalism’s driving motivations, and will demonstrate the underlying intention of evangelicals to bring good to society."

To purchase Evangelical Social Theology: Past and Present click here.

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