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Bishop Christopher's new interns
Adam Trettel and Fred Kratt are the new interns at Bishop's House.

Earlier this month, Bishop Christopher and the staff at Bishop's House welcomed two new interns, Adam Trettel and Fred Kratt. Below, Adam and Fred share a little about themselves.

Adam Trettel

"I studied Humanities at Yale University, before working at a refugee agency in Connecticut and then deciding to move to the UK for graduate school. I completed a MTh by Research on Augustine's theory of biblical interpretation, and am in the process of finishing a PhD on the City of God — both at the University of Edinburgh. I just spent two years living in Tübingen, Germany, and so am excited to work learn more about the diocese's German connections. I am excited to meet you all and to learn more about England."

Fred Kratt

“I was born in London, but spent my childhood growing up and going to school in Surrey. I went on to study Geography at the University of Cambridge as an undergraduate and then as a Masters student. During this time I developed a keen interest in researching how ideas of ‘peace’ and ‘harmony’ are articulated and practiced in Chinese foreign policy. I am delighted to be working and learning under the Bishop; supporting him in his ministry, reconciliation work, and House of Lords duties. I am also really excited by the prospect of getting to know Coventry and its people better, and serving Christ in this special place.”

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