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Cord's BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Historian, Broadcaster and Author, Dan Snow will present Cord’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal on Sunday 26th November. Cord are encouraging people to get involved with the appeal by following updates on social media and sharing news using the hashtag #R4Appeal.

Cord was founded in our diocese in 1967. A group from St Mary’s Church in Leamington Spa set up the charity in response to the news that thousands of orphans were being left homeless as a result of the Vietnam War. Over the last fifty years, Cord has worked in a number of different countries helping local communities and governments relieve poverty and promote social cohesion to build peace.

Dan Snow is helping to share the story of Vanna and her community in Cambodia. Recent events in Cambodia have led to extremely worrying violations of human rights, with many thousands forcibly evicted from their homes as authorities and multi-national companies appear to operate with impunity as they commercialise huge swaths of forestry land. For seven years Vanna fought on behalf of her community to bring security to their homes after the privatisation of the local plantation threatened them with forced eviction. Protests and petitions failed to work.

Then Cord equipped Vanna with the skills and confidence to work peacefully with the plantation and local government. In April this year, this change in approach led to her securing land titles for herself and over 400 families in her community. This means so much to Vanna; she now has hope and can plan a brighter future for her family.

However, as Cambodia heads towards national elections in 2018 there is a storm brewing of unaccountable government, weak legal protection, and lucrative natural resource exploitation which means many other like Vanna will need Cord’s support.

To find out more about the appeal please visit Cord’s website here.

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