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Bishop Colin Bennetts (1940 - 2013)
Colin Bennetts, Bishop of Coventry from 1998 to 2008

Bishop Colin Bennetts died at home on Wednesday 10 July 2013, having been diagnosed with a brain tumour twenty-two months earlier. Bishop Colin was a former Bishop of Coventry, leading the diocese from 1998 until 2008.

The Right Reverend John Stroyan, Bishop of Warwick, was a close colleague of Bishop Colin.  Bishop John said:

"Colin was a generous and open-hearted Bishop who made space for others to grow and to flourish in their ministries.  He combined high intelligence and considerable linguistic abilities - not least in New Testament Greek - with a deeply engaging and attractive Christian faith."

"Many will testify to Colin's frequently mischievous sense of humour, and to the fun and the laughter that characterised much of his time among us.  He was one of the most attractively 'alive' people - in the sense of Jesus' promise to us of "life in all its fullness" - that I have ever met.  Colin was passionate in his conviction that the love of Christ be made known in the world and that Christ is for all people and is not the possession of the Church."

"For this to happen, Colin urged, we have as Christians to leave the safety of Church life and to cross boundaries, making ourselves vulnerable as Christ himself did.  Colin was himself an inspiring example of this boundary crossing and bridge building ministry in Germany, and not least in places of continuing conflict, such as Nigeria and the Holy Lands.  He was frequently involved both before and after his retirement in bridge-building work in the wider Anglican Communion with the present Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby."

"I am aware that I am but one of very many people indeed who have been touched by God through the life and ministry of Colin.  The fruitfulness of Colin's ministry in all the dioceses he has served in was made possible by the love, prayer and constant support of Veronica and their family."