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#LiveLent with the Church of England

This year's lent course from the Church of England will be #LiveLent - Let your light shine.

It is a Lenten journey through the Gospel of John, offering a short daily reading, a pause for reflection and prayer and a challenge to act, with a focus on witness to link with Thy Kingdom Come (between Ascension Day and Pentecost). It is written in simple and accessible language by the Archdeacon of Wandsworth, John Kiddle, and includes a welcome from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

There will also be daily Let your light shine material available to download. The materials will help to bridge from Lent and Easter into Pentecost and Thy Kingdom Come.

The full range of #LiveLent resources and activities will include:

  • Daily reflections - a daily discipleship journey through Lent from the Gospel of John, and a weekly Lent course based on these themes
  • Full-colour printed book #LiveLent: Let Your Light Shine from Church House Publishing
  • An App for Android and iOS including all daily reflections material
  • Information on on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • E-mail and text signups 
  • Additional downloadable resources, including five group sessions based on the themes/synopsis of booklet. 

Resources will shortly be available at

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