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Massive Mini Church Challenge

In 2018 the Diocese of Coventry reaches 100 years old and we are doing all sorts of things to celebrate. One of these is to make a 3D map of the diocese in Coventry Cathedral, and we need help to make it!

The idea is that every school (both church school and community school) and church in the diocese is invited to work together to make a model of their local church. Next June all the churches are brought to the cathedral to make a massive mini diocese. 

Of course both schools and churches vary hugely so you need to be able to get involved in different ways. 

Some ideas for how the church and school collaboration might work:

  • Whole year group activity with a competition to choose the winning model to go to the cathedral, this might be in one school or if there are several local to a church they might have an inter-school competition. 
  • The Vicar (or someone else from the church) goes into a class and spends a lesson working on making a model
  • Messy Church builds a model and children from the school are invited along
  • An individual (adult or child) or family volunteer to make a model of their church 

How big should the model be? The base needs to be about the size of a piece of A2 paper, no smaller than a piece of A3 paper. 

When do the models need to be ready by? Models can be brought to the cathedral between 2:30pm and 4:30pm 4th-8th June. The Exhibition will be open to the public over the weekend of 9th and 10th June. 

How do we sign up? Email to say your church or school would like to be involved. 

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