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Hundreds welcome our new Archdeacon Pastor

Hundreds of people across Coventry, Warwickshire and further afield braved freezing conditions to give a warm welcome to our new Archdeacon Pastor. The Venerable Sue Field was installed by the Bishop of Coventry at Coventry Cathedral on Sunday afternoon.

Archdeacon Sue addressed the congregation by saying:

"Over the past few months I have lost track of the number of people who have joked about me being sent to Coventry but I am glad to be here.

This Cathedral is a very special place for me.  My parents brought me here when I was quite young and I remember being struck by the beautiful windows and the Sutherland tapestry.  In 1987, just a few weeks after my ordination as Deacon, I sang in a performance of the War Requiem here to mark the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Cathedral.  As the light faded and darkness began to fall, the ruins of the old Cathedral could be seen behind the west window, adding a poignancy to the performance – and a coach load of us from Loughborough came to the 50th anniversary performance in 2012.  In 1992, I gathered with a group of other women deacons as we looked forward with hope and expectancy to the time when women could be ordained as priest.  We gathered in the old cathedral and moved here, using the buildings to convey that sense of death and resurrection and the hope of new possibilities.

The past few weeks culminating in this service, mark a huge time of transition for me as I leave behind a familiar Diocese and place where I have lived for 27 years and move into a new role and a new Diocese.  I look forward with excitement, and some trepidation, to learning a new way of working and to building new relationships, and all of that is part of what is means to be Christian disciples.  If we are to follow the call of God on our lives, that will inevitably mean endings and beginnings, letting go and trusting God to give us all that we need for the next stage of our journey."

To download the full text of Sue's address, please click here.

On a previous occasion, Bishop Christopher had said:

"It’s really good news that someone of Sue Field’s wide experience and great gifts is joining us in the Diocese of Coventry as our Archdeacon Pastor. Sue comes to us in our Centenary Year, which will be another reason to celebrate all that God has given to us over the years, and another encouragement to commit ourselves to serve – in Christ’s name – the people of Coventry and Warwickshire in all the years ahead."

Sue succeeds the Venerable John Green as Archdeacon Pastor.  She will be assisted by the Reverend Clive Hogger, who has been Acting Archdeacon Pastor during the intervening period.