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Prayer: Talk Talk with Jesus?

In this article, the Revd Jonathan Fox (Rector of the Revel Group) talks about the importance of staying connected to Jesus.

When I was younger I never really got prayer, my prayers were Christopher Robin style, if you follow my drift?  “God bless Mummy, I know that’s right wasn’t it fun in the bath tonight….” Banal and easily distracted!

I guess it took me a while to understand that prayer at its finest is communication ‘heart to heart’ with our wonderful saviour. Certainly I remember my Mum saying, “A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right!”

Being a rural Rector has its many joys and struggles. For example, I am fairly livid with ‘TalkTalk!’ at present. With all the amazing tech in this world they can’t even make my internet work out here in the sticks. (This is not a party political broadcast on behalf of BT. Other providers are available!)

They told me they can’t send an engineer for 3 weeks and will charge me £287 if I opt out of my contract. Even though they failed in the first place, the contract says they need to fail for 28 consecutive days! So no internet. 14 days and counting …..arghh!

Jesus calmed a storm with just 3 words, but I cant get my internet connection fixed with several hundred and hours wasted listening to telephone ‘music’. Now, I’m so wound up, I need Jesus to calm the storm in me!

“Jesus got up rebuked the wind and said to the waves “Peace be still”  Then the wind died down and there was a complete calm.”

Phew…. OK I’ll calm down now, and apologise for my tirade.

Jesus is the creator of all, His hands flung stars into space, His will forged the Universe, His words spoke “Light” itself into existence. This is the Jesus we love, how wonderful that we can hear Him speak life and peace over our many ‘life storms’. Jesus Christ, made it so. Father, Son and Spirit, created the Universe, ‘all that is seen and unseen’ as the creed says. Do you know how much of our universe is unseen?  The boffins now tell us that 94% of all the stuff in the universe is unseen and unknown to us. We know nothing about it except that it has to exist for the maths to work. 94% of our Universe is ‘unseen’.

Isn’t it wonderful, even amazing that we can stay connected with the one who sees and knows 100% of our Universe? The one who created you and me and even died on a cross to save us? Isn’t it wonderful to hear His words “peace be still” whenever our world threatens to frustrate or even destroy us? 

Enjoy your Talk Talk with Jesus, hear him speak His words of joy, peace and love over you. Stay connected and listen for those three small words in the storm, 

‘PEACE BE STILL’. Happy Praying… O great my internet is back! Amen.

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