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Kidz Klub in Cheylesmore

Kidz Klub, takes place in Cheylesmore Community Centre on a Thursday afternoon. It is characterised by karate suits and cartwheels, with kids attending prior to their karate and gym classes held in the same building.

We aren't taking the neighbourhood by storm - we're just the new Kidz on the block, with good relationships building at a leisurely pace.  After two terms in we have 23 kids on the register, about 10 of whom are regulars.

Kids Klub is led by Anna Scott and a team from local churches.  St. James' Styvechale received funding from the Diocesan Mission Fund to start up the project.  We have gelled as a team remarkably quickly, especially given the challenges presented to us.  For example: the demand for a slick set-up and set-down; getting a tarpaulin squelching with custard onto the stage without spilling any contents; sorting stuff QUIETLY behind a thin screen whilst karate class goes on the other side and many more!

Other team members come straight from work and into role and we have even found ourselves praying for resolution to traffic jams on occasions when some of the team have been held up!  Sadly university life takes some of our team away from next term, and our IT expert and knower-of-the-place-of-all-things-within-the-centre moves on to an internship.

So we really do need more leaders, particularly male, and IT-savvy folk. The Kidz Klub are a special group, and within that core of regular attendees are several young people who already stand out as potential teenage helpers.  The older children in particular, respond very well in the small group sessions.  They are keen to welcome Jesus into issues in their lives and absolutely believe that He will make a difference.  So do we!

We have a number of littlies too (under-sixes), who present additional joys and challenges in making the teaching accessible to them, and we are learning as we go.  From day one most of the kids have embraced worship enthusiastically and completely unselfconsciously.  One soul-warming moment stands out when a young lad squirmed out from between the seats and explained, "Sorry, I gotta have space to dance!".