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September New Year

The Revd Bee Arnold from the Nudge Vocations team reflects on new beginnings in the Autumn.

September brings with it the scent of a new season and the hope of new things.

Perhaps you headed back to school or college or university this month? Perhaps you had a summer break and headed back to work or the the more usual routines of your life? For various reasons, the church runs effectively on a school schedule and we think of the new year for church life and business to be in September. Things often begin again, start up or have new enthusiasm.  

In my role as a vicar, I find myself planning a PCC away day and looking towards all the possibilities that lie ahead for us as church. But, what about for me? How do I feel at this point, surround by the hope of the next adventure?  I find myself asking what is it that I want to start afresh in - my diet and my fitness regime (or lack of), always feature! I even have the hope of a new relationship with my hoover and my duster.  However, it would be foolish not to take the opportunity to also reflect on my relationship with God.  We can always take time to do this, there doesn’t need to be a special season, but sometimes the excuse is the nudge we need.

Be Still.

Here are some questions you might find helpful to ponder:

What are you hoping for ?

What would you like to know of God ? How are you going to seek it?

When do you notice God? Who helps you to notice God? What might help you to notice God?

In what ways might you need to trust God in something, maybe something new? What would trusting God look like?  Do you need to share that with someone?

Sometimes when God is calling us to something new, to the next adventure, we need to stop and listen in a new way. Are you sensing a nudge from God but not sure what it means or how to explore further?  Please do get in touch, we would love to help you on your way to discovering God’s calling on your life.

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